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Police infiltrate car gathering, grab driver doing “anti-social” driving manoeuvre

Car enthusiasts love their meets.  Which is fine, until someone takes things too far.

Wyndham Highway Patrol (HWP) got word of a large car meet at the BP servo on Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale out in the west near Werribee.  It seems that this was an informal gathering, and the unmarked car just slipped into the convoy of some 40 cars, un-noticed.

The convoy proceeded to Kirk Bridge Road near Little River, a rural road surrounded by farmland, quite a distance from any housing.  Here’s a Google Maps view of the road –  we don’t know if that’s exactly where they were on the road, but it’s pretty representative of the area (I am quite familiar with that road and the general location, and no, it’s not because I go there at night to hoon).


And there, out in the countryside, a 20 year old man from Sunshine indulged in what police described on their Facebook page as a “a series of anti-social driving manouvers”.   At this point the HWP made their presence known, and a result the man has had his car impounded for 30 days.  It’ll cost him $1035 to get it back, and he’s now due in court for the offences of Driving in a Dangerous Manner, Careless Driving, Improper Use and Making Undue Noise.

The police acknowledge that it “was in the middle of nowhere” but go on to say that “people do live out there and the noise of screeching cars is disturbing to them as the sound travels”.    They also mention there “was limited traffic” except for the people who were there by their own choice to watch, but the police considered that the onlookers were putting themselves in danger as the man “could easily have lost control and ploughed into them”.

The police finished their Facebook post with the warning that “hooning of this nature, will not be tolerated anywhere” – and if they’re going to follow a bunch of cars all the way out to the likes of Kirk Bridge, you better believe it.

There is a time and place for skids, and that would be at any one of the myriad grassroot motorsports events that are on every day of each weekend.  Cut loose there, and keep the public roads for cruising.

 Title image from the Eyewatch – Wyndham Police Service Area Facebook page.

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper