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Peugeot 205 GTi voted best hot hatch at the Performance Car Show

The Peugeot 205 GTi has been voted the world’s best hot hatch at the Performance Car Show, with its at the time rival Golf GTI finishing seventh…

AFTER A GLOBAL ONLINE POLL, the Peugeot 205 GTi has been revealed as the best hot hatch of all time. The Top 10 was whittled down from a list of 50, with the 205 GTi beating out some incredible machines. You can read our review of the latest Peugeot 208 GTi here.

The top three cars represent some of the tastiest bits of four-wheeled metal in all of motoringdom, with the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evolution 1 finishing second, and the RS Cosworth from the mid-1990s in third place.

While it was undoubtedly the arrival of the Golf GTI that got the hot hatch movement going in 1976, the original finished just outside the top three with the second-generation car finishing in seventh.

Hot Hatch Nirvana curator at the Performance Car Show, Richard Bremner said of the winner: “The Peugeot 205 GTi was unbeatable for its sheer rev-happy, go-hard verve and subtly perfect styling. Lightning-quick gearshifts, urgent power delivery, blade-sharp steering and deliciously driftable handling made the 205 an overnight hot hatch king. And it was practical, too. For many it has never been bettered as its victory in this and Autocar readers’ vote confirms.”

The Top 10 hot hatches of all time… do you agree with the ranking?

1. Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6

2. Lancia Delta HF Integrale

3. Ford Escort RS Cosworth

4. VW Golf GTI Mk1

5. Renault Clio Williams

6. Renault Clio 182 Trophy

7. VW Golf GTI Mk2

8. Renault 5 GT Turbo

9. Ford Focus RS Mk1

10. Talbot Lotus Sunbeam

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tony coz
tony coz
6 years ago

This was my hot hatch

6 years ago
Reply to  tony coz

And what a beautiful machine it is. Jealous… I was talked out of one years ago and I’m still kicking myself. – Isaac

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober