On-Sale today, OzTent has announced updates for its iconic Foxwing range of vehicle awnings and accessories.

The Foxwing range of 4×4 awnings and accessories has been around since 2008 with the design based on the wing of a flying fox. The range has now been updated.

The updates focus on providing greater coverage with a 270-degree awning ($879), a 270-degree tapered awning extension ($199), and a 270-degree regular awning extension ($249), and the Foxwing tagalong tent ($699).

“We were so inspired by the wings of our native flying foxes that we engineered a product which would replicate their durability, flexibility and functionality, hence its unique patented design and the name,” said Isaac Viglione, Marketing Manager at The OzTent Group.

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Oztent updates Foxwing range

Key Products:

270-degree awning. Designed so that a single person can erect the tent on their own and in”seconds”, the 270-degree awning is made from ModCan fabric which is strong, waterproof and mould resistant. And with its zippered edges, you can use this awning as the basis of an entire campsite.

270-degree tapered awning extension. This product allows for extra protection from rain or wind and can be zippered onto the 270-degree awning.

270-degree awning extension. This product is sold as a set of two walls that ben zippered onto the Foxwing awning and can be used to provide protection from the elements or additional shade when raised.

Foxwing tagalong tent. This tent is a standalone product and so can be left standing while you use you 4×4. It can also be zippered onto any brand of awning making it very practical. It sleeps four people and can be erected in “seconds”.


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