Nissan in Japan has admitted to misconduct during vehicle emissions testing, although it claims that only cars sold in Japan are embroiled and that none of its cars have incorrect emissions figures. It’s claimed 19 cars were improperly tested.

AFTER “the discovery in September 2017 of nonconformities in the final vehicle inspection process” Nissan said, in a statement, it had been carrying “out comprehensive compliance checks of various parts of its operations”. It discovered misconduct with exhaust emissions and fuel economy tests, although the brand claims that none of its vehicles carry incorrect figures just that the measurement of emissions and fuel economy “deviated from the prescribed testing environment”.

In a statement, Nissan said it had advised the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the “current facts and investigation results” and that it had put in place measures to prevent a similar situation from occurring again.

“Following re-verification of reliable log data, Nissan has confirmed that all vehicles produced, excepting GT-R, conform to Japanese safety standards […] Nissan has also re-verified log data to confirm that all models subject to sampling tests guarantee the Nissan catalog specifications for fuel economy, meaning there are no errors within the fuel economy figures disclosed by Nissan”.

The latest news comes after Nissan revealed in October last year that for decades uncertified inspectors had signed off on Nissan vehicles sold in Japan which triggered a domestic recall of 1.2 million cars.

“This is a deep and serious issue for our company,” Nissan Chief Operating Officer Yasuhiro Yamauchi told reporters at a briefing late yesterday.


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