New Navman MiVUE Drive FHD dashcam gets a beefed up camera and the ability to tell when you’ve wandered out of your lane or are too close to the car in front…

ALMOST EVERY second car you see on the road now has a dashcam stuck on its windscreen, and they’re being increasingly used to prove fault in collisions. Now, Navman has released its updated MiVUE dashcam which now combines a GPS and full HD camera, and a raft of safety features.

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The new unit lists from $299.00 and is available from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys, it includes an 16GB micro SD card and comes with a two year warranty.

The Navman MiVUE Drive FHD isn’t just a dashcam, though, also providing a sat-nav with the company offering free lifetime Australian and New Zealand map updates, spoken safety alerts for red light and speed cameras as well as school zone alerts.

One of the coolest features is the addition of a 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor which “will let you know which direction an impact came from and record how the impact happened. Connecting your device to the MiVUE Manager software will give you more information about how an incident transpired such as timing, GPS coordinates and the speed in which you were travelling,” Navman said in a statement. More than this, the system is also able to tell when you’ve wandered out of your lane (at speeds above 60km/h), will warn you when either the car in front has moved off from, say, the traffic lights, or you’re travelling too close to it.

Also offering live traffic updates means the navigation unit will attempt to guide you around either an accident or traffic jams, and Bluetooth means you can connect your phone and keep your hands off it when driving, which is great for those who own an older vehicle.

“We were thrilled with the reception when we first introduced a combined GPS and dashcam to the Australian market, now we’re back with an even better device with new features and enhanced camera quality,” said Wendy Hammond, Country Director Navman Australia.

“It’s everything a driver needs in the car. The GPS side will provide the best navigational and safety features to help with the everyday drive, while the dashcam will continually record in Full HD in case of an accident to protect drivers from fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents and providing evidence for insurance when an accident has occurred.”


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      1. Based on research and real world feedback. Not a lot of positives about the Navman units and go tio the forums and lots of complaints and recommendations to avoid. Maybe these newest ones are better, but Garmin is best closely followed by Tom Tom. I prefer the new Garmin.

        1. I beg to differ. I went for the Garmin Drive Assist 50 after my last 3 GPS’s were Navmans and am disappointed that the Garmin has no spoken speed camera or school zone alerts. Also the Garmin does not offer lifetime speed camera/red light updates, instead you have to purchase a yearly subscription.
          The reason I didn’t go for another Navman was simply because I thought the Garmin had more features. How wrong was I?

  1. We have 2 Navmans in our cars which we have had for over 3 years and they are still working brilliantly. One of them has been in and out of many cars. I guess you just have to be unlucky with a faulty unit.

  2. why doesn’t Navman supply a wiring diagram for head phone connection, rear camera connection, and show specifically what the function of each plug is? theres heaps of info on navigating etc but bugger all I can find on actual installation this is only skimmed over whereas it should be on the first pages before using it. 100 pages of blurb are enough to give as headache when the search function isn’t any good. Navman with a little bit more effort you could make it easier to use your product. not everyone is a computer genius or got esp so how about a simple wiring diagram download.

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