Honda has teased its upcoming 10th-generation Honda Accord model ahead of its official unveil in Detroit next month.

HONDA HAS SHOWN us a glimpse of what the next Accord looks like, with contemporary styling adding some life to the current but ageing 9th-generation model.

The official reveal is scheduled to commence on the 14th of July at 11:00am EST and will be broadcast live on YouTube from Detroit. Anyone interested in one of the US’ top selling passenger cars will be able to watch as the sheet is pulled back.

But we might not be getting it in Australia. The Accord’s popularity in the US means it will certainly go on sale there, but Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins is unsure of its future here. Speaking with Practical Motoring last month, Collins told us that no decision has been made yet: “Well it’s not the strongest (in sales). We’re still assessing if the new Accord will be in our lineup. We’re not sure at this stage”, he said.

The new Accord sedan features a raked fastback body shape similar to the new Civic, and effectively looks like a big brother to the small sized sedan. It’s a departure from the conservative styling the Accord is known for.

Honda claims the midsize sedan has an “aggressive stance and proportions”, and will be “the most fun-to-drive, premium and dramatically styled Accord ever”.

But Honda is keeping tight lipped on other details, however we do know from its announcement last month that the new Accord will, in the US at least, come with either a 1.5-litre turbocharged or more powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A hybrid option will also be available although the V6 has officially departed from the lineup.

Transmission options will be either a six-speed manual, CVT on the 1.5-litre turbo and 10-speed manual on the 2.0-litre turbo.


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  1. They’ve never had a manual option of the American Accord, and now they will offer one, yet the Civic has to make do with the disgusting CVT. I’d love to see the Accords undergo a huge revamp and offer some style like the Euro Accord, but with 2.0l engine at best and it won’t be competing with the Euro hot hatches, it will be insipid from the get go.

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