Motorway tolls have risen around Sydney from April this year with toll charges to begin on the M4 from August… 

IT COSTS THE AVERAGE commuter in the western suburbs of Sydney up to $5000 each year to travel into the city for work. Below is a snapshot of the latest prices for travelling on Sydney’s toll roads.

sydney toll prices

From the middle of next month, the revamped M4 toll road into Sydney will cost $4.56 one-way between Parramatta and Homebush. The fee will rise by 18 cents from July 2018 and continue rising each year (by 4%) until 2060.

The expected price rise for travelling across the Harbour Bridge expected to be implemented this month has been postponed, the state government recently announced. In April, those commuters using the M2 were slugged with price rises with the toll plaza at Macquarie Park rising to $6.95 for cars and motorcycles. The Pennants Hills Road ramp toll rose four cents to $3.48, and the Windsor Road ramps increased three cents to $2.46. The Lane Cove Tunnel went from $3.21 to $3.23.

Question: How much do you pay in toll charges?


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  1. Tolls are vexed but at least you get to go somewhere. Parking charges are outrageous in comparison. I’ve always had tolls charged to a company account until I retired. I do not miss my former occupation for a second. I note that the toll charges are increasing at a good deal more than wages or inflation. Once more the long suffering motorist is being treated as a cash cow. It’s an added impost to transportation and business in general. No wonder the economy is tanking.

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