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Motorclassica 2016 – more than just interesting old cars

Conventional motor shows may be dying, but specialists like Motorclassica go from strength to strength, and for good reason.

MANY PEOPLE enjoy wandering a beautiful hall filled with hundreds of extremely rare and well-cared for cars of all shapes, ages and varitities. That’s how Motorclassica started out, and the car displays remain its centrepiece. But we found so much more than that:

test drive
BMW, Mini, Jaguar and Mercedes were all offering free test drivers of everything from a Mini to a supercharged Jaguar V8 F-TYPE or AMG G-Class.
Lorbek Porsche
Not just old cars. Lorbek, seller of prestige used cars, were there in force.
Mustangs new and old
Mustangs new and old
Old Citroen
Motorclassica isn’t just about high-powered cars. The quirky French are always interesting. This car shows why older 2WD roadcars were much better offroad and on dirt roads than their more fragile modern equivalents.
Wouldn’t be Motorclassica without a brace of Ferraris!
Rolls Royce
So many cars look so similar today because they’re all designed for the same safety and efficiency laws, and carmakers rarely take a risk. Unlike the olden days when this Rolls Royce was made, or thrown together.
BMW innovation
BMW brought some innovation
Mercedes Gullwing
A rare moment when the gullwing was unattended. The modern equivalent didn’t get nearly as much love.
Jaguar E-Type.
What was that about older cars having more variation in design? Jaguar E-Type.
It’s mostly just cars, but other forms of transport can be seen from here and there.
It's not possible to get any more blue that this. Most cars had beautiful restoration paintwork.
It’s not possible to get any more blue that this. Most cars had beautiful restoration paintwork.
A BMW manual.  BMW still make them, but for how much longer?
A BMW manual. BMW still make them, but for how much longer?
There's no way this would pass modern safety standards!
There’s no way this would pass modern safety standards!
The back of a Rolls Royce convertible.
The front of the Rolls Royce convertible.
The front of the Rolls Royce convertible.
Fiat 500.
Fiat 500. Fiat still make them today, and unlike some manufacturers (hello, Mini) they have held true to the original’s ethos.
Restored VW Kombi
Did this VW Kombi look this good even when it was brand now?
artist and car
There were several artists drawing cars. I asked if I could take this photo. Wish I’d asked why he selected this one out of so many!
Red Miura
Now that’s rare. The last of these Miuras was built in 1973, yet it still looks modern in a way. Five-speed manual and a 4L, V12 engine.
Abarth 124.
We just roadtested one of these! Brand new Abarth 124.
How cars used to be, and to some extent, still are. The leaf springs are still used in utes, as is the chassis design. All cars still have a mechanical differential, even if it’s now assisted by electronics. The steering column doesn’t collapse, and no, there’s no steering wheel mounted Bluetooth controls.
Old Mercedes
The richness of design means every car has something interesting to admire.
Old spare tyre.
Back when cars had proper spare tyres, and sometimes more than one, often mounted at the front too. And so narrow!
Old Mercedes interior boot
Many owners displayed original logbooks, magazine articles, tools and other period pieces.
Club plates
Not all cars were display objects. This one is raod registered on club plates.
Old Jaguar interior
Jaguar will never make another interior like this one!
Ariel Atom
The Ariel Atom
If you have the money, these guys will design you a house that is also a garage. Wouldn’t you love it?
All sorts of odds and ends were on sale, not just car-related things.
Curios, antiques and knick-knacks. No reason for your mantelpiece to be bare!
Automotive art
Automotive art aplenty.
You can have a car made out of watch components by a craftsman. Motorclassica is a good place to go for gifts.
automotive artist
Can’t find the artwork you like? This guy will draw it for you.
Plenty of old motorcycles on display.
If you drive an old car, you still need new tyres on it, but they need to look old. Here’s the solution.
Worried about your bike? Store it like so.
Worried about your bike? Store it like so.
classic car tours
Lots of companies offering car-based holidays in Australia and beyond.
Connolly car care
Plenty of products for keeping your car clean.
Motorclassica main hall
And that’s what the main hall looks like!

What we didn’t cover – various seminars throughout the day, auctions and films. Motorclassica 2016 runs from 21-23 October, but will definitely be on again next year as interest is increasing, and with it the range and depth of activities.

Recommendation? If you have even a passing interest in cars you’ll spend a happy two or four hours there quite easily.

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper