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Mitsubishi Pajero recalled due to inadequate welding

Japanese maker says steering and suspension components could stop working in late model Pajeros.

Mitsubishi is recalling thousands of late model Pajeros which are affected by inadequate welding around the front suspension. If unfixed, the steering may not operate properly, increasingly the likelihood of an accident.

The manufacturing fault affects 2017-18 Mitsubishi Pajero models sold in Australia from 21 November 2016 to 30 July 2019. Mitsubishi Australia will contact owners via mail to ensure affected vehicles are fixed free of charge. Concerned owners that are unsure if their car is affected can contact a Mitsubishi dealership directly.

In its notice, Mitsubishi says that, “Due to inadequate welding strength, the front right side suspension lower control arm may fail at one of the weld joints.

“If one of the lower control arm weld joints fails, the vehicle’s steering and stability may not operate properly, increasing the risk of an accident or injury to all road users.”

In total, 6384 vehicles are affected, and a list of VIN numbers associated to the recall is available on the Product Safety Australia website.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae