Mercedes-Benz beats its closest rivals to the punch, delivering Australian luxury car buyers a full five-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.

MERCEDES-BENZ IS the first German luxury carmaker to go to a full five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty on all of its cars except those used for commercial purposes, which will receive five-years coverage at a reduced 250,000km mileage.

Leading its crosstown rival brands BMW and Audi that supply three-year, unlimited kilometre warranties, Mercedes-Benz has announced this morning that its longer five-year, unlimited coverage comes into effect from April 1 2020, though the silver star will honour the new guarantee on vehicles delivered since March 1 2020.

Mercedes-Benz will also increase its roadside assist on all vehicles it sells in Australia, expanding it to cover five free years of service. This includes all vans – the V-Class, X-Class and Marco Polo (five-year, unlimited km warranty), and commercial use Vito Valente and Sprinter (five-year, 250,000km warranty).

Mercedes-Benz Australia CEO and managing director, Horst von Sanden says that customers will now have better peace of mind in their purchasing of a Mercedes-Benz.

“With a five-year manufacturer’s warranty across our entire Cars and Vans range supported by our existing Capped Price Servicing and Service Plan portfolio, customers can have increased flexibility and certainty throughout their journey with Mercedes-Benz,” he said.

Even Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus offers only a four-year warranty, despite parent brand Toyota touting a full five-year unlimited coverage. Hyundai’s Genesis is the only other luxury marquee with a five-year, unlimited km guarantee, the new South Korean brand matching Hyundai’s standard.

Mercedes’ longer warranty now matches nearly all mainstream brands (excepting outliers including Kia – seven years – and Tesla – eight years) and premium European makers such as Volkswagen. That puts pressure on brands such as Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Audi and BMW in Australia to increase their own three-year warranties, which fall short of what has become a standard five-year guarantee, spurred by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigations into consumer rights vs car manufacturer warranties.

Read more on your consumer rights as a new car buyer, which aren’t limited by manufacturer warranty stipulations, on the ACCC website.

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