With the Tokyo Auto Salon kicking off mid-January, Mazda has teased three Racing Concept cars, including the Mazda CX-3 Racing Concept and the MX-5 RS Racing Concept.

MAZDA HAS TEASED a bunch of images of three Racing Concept cars it will take to the Tokyo Auto Salon which starts on 15 January, including the CX-3 Racing Concept. Mazda is playing its cards close to its chest on final details, but it’s plain to see the CX-3 Racing Concept gets a new bodykit with red accents, sits lower on new alloys, has a big rear mounted spoiler and runs dual exhaust tips.

The MX-5 RS Racing Concept follows the CX-3 Racing Concept styling, yet runs adjustable suspension, while the Mazda6 goes for a more black-on-black look and, like the CX-3 seems to sit a little lower on new alloys. On the inside, all of the Racing Concept cars get alcantara trim. As to what other tweaks Mazda has in store, we’ll have to wait and see. With Subaru preparing to show an STI-tuned XV Hybrid, Honda and Suzuki also preparing show cars, this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon should be pretty good.

Mazda will also have a rally-prepared Mazda2, a racing MX-5, and some of the concept cars it’s already shown at motor shows around the world.



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  1. LOL Racing concept is right. Body kit and some nicer wheels are as far as a Mazda performance product goes. The Mazda motto should be snooze snooze.

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