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Lottery to decide Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition buyers

The new Honda Type-R Limited Edition looks set to become instantly more expensive than its retail price thanks to hot demand.

UPDATE: The lottery is open to anyone and not only those who registered interest already:

“Although registering your interest is not a pre-requisite to participate in the lottery, those who did provide their contact details via the registration page will be contacted directly and invited to enter the lottery.

To participate in the lottery, interested buyers will need to complete an entry form and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.”


Honda will conduct a lottery to decide the lucky 19 buyers able to purchase the limited edition, and very popular, Civic Type-R Limited Edition.

More than 700 Aussies registered their interest to buy one of the 20 models arriving (one will be a promotional piece) in Australia next year and in the interest of a fair go, Honda Australia says it will hold a lottery to decide the winning potential buyers.

“Due to the overwhelming response, a lottery system was deemed the fairest way to provide all interested customers with the same prospect of securing one of the Limited Edition vehicles,” it said in its media release.

Honda also spares a thought for Victorians who can’t troop further than 5km away from home to go to the shops, let alone buy a car.

“The coronavirus restrictions currently in place in the state of Victoria only served to reinforce this approach; to create a level playing field and ensure no person was unfairly disadvantaged by present circumstances.”

The lottery will be conducted officially and not in the local head office via a name in the hat system, with Honda Australia contracting CIE Legal to conduct the lottery held in November. Eligible entrants are those who register their interest – whether it was done before the lottery announcement or after.

Officially: The entry period for the lottery will commence at 9.00am on Thursday October 1 (AEST) and run through until 8.00pm on Saturday October 31, 2020 (AEDT). To participate in the lottery, interested buyers will need to complete an entry form and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition. 

The driveaway price of the model is $70,000, and the car is expected to be available to put in your driveway by mid next year. 

“With an extremely small number of Civic Type R Limited Editions available for our market, we wanted to present an equal opportunity for all customers keen to purchase one of these cars, irrespective of their location, dealership access or internet connection,” said Honda Australia director, Stephen Collins.

“In Canada, where 100 vehicles from the global production run of 1,020 units were available, the total allocation sold out in just four minutes after the online reservation process opened.

“We believe the lottery competition will give all Type R fans in Australia an equal chance to purchase one of these special models, while building the suspense in the way only a lottery draw can.”

An overview of the lottery and sales process for the Civic Type R Limited Edition is as follows

  • Entry period will commence at 9.00am on Thursday October 1 (AEST) and close at 8.00pm on Saturday October 31 (AEDT)
  • Visit or call your nearest or preferred Honda Dealer to review lottery terms and conditions, and complete an entry form
  • Those located in the metropolitan Melbourne zone currently under COVID-19 restrictions, where the nearest or preferred Honda Dealer may not be open to visit or call – these customers only will be permitted to lodge an entry via the Honda Australia Contact Centre
  • Once an entry has been received and processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the entrant, to verify entry details
  • Each eligible entrant may submit only one entry
  • All entrants will go into the lottery and the first 19 valid entries drawn will win the prize, which is the right to purchase one of the 19 x Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition vehicles available
  • If still interested, the customer will be required to sign a sales contract with Honda Dealer and place a $5,000 deposit towards the purchase of the vehicle
  • If no longer interested, the next eligible entrant from the reserve list will be selected
  • Reserve entries will be drawn and recorded in order as ‘Backup Winners’, in case the winner is unable to accept the prize or does not complete the process to purchase the vehicle
  • Delivery of Civic Type R Limited Edition vehicles to customers is expected to occur April-June 2021

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Alex Rae