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Kia Trailster e-AWD concept teased

Kia will, this week, take the wraps off its e-AWD Trailster concept at the Chicago Motor Show but don’t expect an off-roader.

KIA HAS HINTED at its all-wheel drive electric Soul-based concept for a while now, but this is the first glimpse of how it might all come together. Meet the Kia Trail’ster e-AWD concept which, according to Kia, aligns “form and function to conceive a uniquely compelling vehicle for the city-dweller-turned-outdoor-adventurer”. Okay.

Promising plenty of tacked-on body protection and a “fully retractable canvas roof” ah la Jeep Wrangler, the turbocharged Trail’ster (the first time the Soul has run a turbocharged engine) will get a rear-mounted electric motor, taking the Soul “to a new level of expression, efficiency and capability”.

The hanky comes off the thing this Thursday (US time), so keep an eye out for it on Friday morning Australian time.

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