Jeep will not be bringing the Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer to Australia anytime soon.

The American brand’s big, luxurious three-row SUV will not be arriving in Australia for the foreseeable future after Jeep ruled out right-hand drive production.

Speaking with media, Jeep’s Global Head, Christian Meunier, said that while Jeep was fully committed to right-hand-drive production and supporting every model it could for Australia, the Grand Wagoneer was an exception, and not particularly urgent given the next-gen three-row Grand Cherokee L is arriving here as a suitable quasi replacement.

“For now, it’s not on the table, and I think we will focus on the three-row Grand Cherokee, which is already a pretty substantial, pretty big SUV,” said Meunier.

“And we’ll deliver high performance with this thing. I think we will cover some of the market with this product, that potentially Grand Wagoneer could have done.”

He added that it was the largest SUV model Jeep will produce and a fringe case for RHD markets in general:

“Obviously Grand Wagoneer is a little bit the exception because of the size of the product and, the potential, which is really hard to justify because the other right-hand drive markets are not really interested. There’s no market for that product in Tokyo – can you imagine? Or in London?”

Indeed, the Grand Cherokee L – a premium looking and tech-laced SUV – should pick up sales for Jeep which wanned for the last few years but have seen an uptick after new products like the Gladiator plus a focus on re-setting the brand with a stronger warranty and care for customer service.

(Above) The new Grand Cherokee L

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