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Jeep Gladiator is petrol only, but tow pack possible

There will be no diesel engine option for the upcoming Jeep Gladiator but a tow pack could increase appeal.

JEEP’S NEW GLADIATOR dual-cab ute will land in Australia next year with a petrol engine only.

While the all-new model is set to offer the same level of off-road ability as the Wrangler Rubicon but with the usefulness of a ute, there is no diesel engine option on the horizon. That will be sore news for some, but Jeep says that diesel and class-leading tow and payload ratings are not what its buyers want.

“We’re launching with the petrol,” director of corporate communications for FCA, Tracie Stoltenburg told Practical Motoring.

“As Christian [Meunier, director Jeep global] said, at the moment we are focusing on petrol, and then if it makes sense we’ll look at it [diesel] but at this time we are just focusing on the petrol at launch.”

“So all the local spec will be divulged closer to launch and then that’s as much as we’re saying about it.”

That leaves the sole engine choice a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine, producing 213kW at 6400rpm and 353Nm of torque at 4400rpm through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep Gladiator engineering team leader Elizabeth Krear added that the purpose and design of the ute is not to be a workhorse and compared the Gladiator with FCA Group’s RAM pickup truck, which she was also an instrumental part of developing.

“The RAM customer we designed for max [towing], we always want to be best in class towing, best in class payload. Our new heavy-duty RAM tows 33,000 pounds, it’s a different customer altogether.

“The way we’ve been geared is this [Gladiator] is a lifestyle customer.

“This is a lifestyle kind of customer; this customer wants to tow their toys and work during the week. The RAM customer has to work every day.”

Towing capacity spec for the Gladiator is 2700kg and the payload is 620kg. There is, however, a tow pack that Krear explained increases those capacities. But as it is a factory option it might not be available for Australia.

“In the US we offer a max tow package. And the US specs are 7650 pounds tow (3469kg) and 1600 pounds (725kg) payload, I think we just changed that to 1650 actually.

“It’s not aftermarket, it’s a factory option in the US. It is different [suspension] tuning, slightly different for that customer.”

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4 years ago

Ute buyers don’t want diesel? Well, this one does and Jeep just lost any chance of a sale (not that it had much, given the likely 1-star safety rating)…

Alan Macaulay
Alan Macaulay
4 years ago

Ditto won’t be buying the petrol version

3 years ago

Sadly I really wanted this but no Diesel means it’s off the table. “Ute buyers don’t want Diesel” your market research is wrong. Australia is vast and 4×4 enthusiasts want to travel it. Ever tried to find petrol in the top end or remote? Diesel every where petrol isn’t. Not only that, diesel safer to carry if you are remote. This is not America, sorry you got it wrong.

3 years ago

Has to be diesel plus offer 3.5 t towing

Alex Rae

Alex Rae