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Jeep announce the offroad-focused Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

The offroad capable Grand Cherokee Trailhawk will be here in the second quarter of 2017.

JEEP USED TO MAKE all of it vehicles offroad-capable, but in recent years has focused more on road-only vehicles with 4X2 versions of its models. However, when they make a 4X4, they really make a 4X4, one more capable than standard, and they put a “Trailhawk” badge on it so everyone knows.

We’ve tested the Renegade Trailhawk and were much impressed with its offroad capability, and now there’s the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, making a sixth model to join the Laredo, Limited, Overland, Summit and SRT, some of which are 4X4 and some 4X2. There’s also a Cherokee Trailhawk, so the Grand is the third Trailhawk in the range.


The Trailhawk badge is not just a cosmetic addition, although being Jeep there’s nautrally a bit of bling. The offroad features fitted to the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk over lesser Grand Cherokees are:

  • Quadra-Lift fully independent air suspension that Jeep say offers “improved articulation and total suspension travel.” This would imply both total travel and easier flex, maybe via disconnecting swaybars. Jeep also say the vehicle has 274mm of ground clearnace, but we suspect that’s only in the highest offroad setting. The US Jeep site gives the same clearance for Trailhawk as for the normal 4X4 Grand Cherokees. To compare, the Discovery has 258 at its offroad setting and 310mm at its maximum setting. The Nissan Patrol Y62 with steel coils springs is 283mm. We have asked Jeep for clarification.
  • Rugged 18-inch offroad tyres. The Australian specification is to be determined.
  • Red tow hooks front and rear. These survived the Aussie import process on the Cherokee Trailhawk but had to be deleted from the Renegade Trailhawk (not Jeep’s fault). Let’s hope they remain on the Grand.
  • Underbody skid plates.

There’s also Selec-Speed which maintains a set speed up or down hills – think Toyota’s Crawl Control or Land Rover’s All Terrain Progress Control, although that’s not clear if it will be specific to the Trailhawk. No mention of crawler gears, just the standard low range.

The cosmetic changes are a black interior with leather and suede performance seats, red accent stitching, brushed Piano Black appliques (no, I don’t know either), gun-metal finish on all painted interior parts, a Trailhawk badge on the Jeep steering wheel, and red accent stitching on the seats, doors and console.


The 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen infotainment system includes off-road pages showing wheel articulation and other vehicle 4×4 capability features, such as suspension height and Selec-Terrain modes.

Colours are Redline Red, Billet Silver, Bright White, Rhino (assume that’s grey), Granite Crystal, Velvet Red and Diamond Black Crystal.

We suspect that like the other Grand Cherokees, this one will be categorised MA (passenger vehicle) instead of MC (offroad vehicle).

Here’s the Grand Cherokee Unlimited, Trailhawk and SRT – images from the USA Jeep site.


Australian pricing and mechnical specification is yet to be finalised, but in the USA the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk comes with the V6 engine (210kW, 347Nm) with options of the 3.0 diesel (184kW, 570Nm) or Hemi 5.7 V8 (259kW, 520Nm, but not the 6.4 as in the SRT).

Which motor would you prefer?


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Michael Haworth
Michael Haworth
5 years ago

It would certainly be disappointing if this was classified MA. That would really limit tyre choices. Hopefully Jeep will remember it’s off road heritage and classify this properly. Embarrassing really to create such a capable vehicle and classify it as a passenger car and not an off roas vehicle.

5 years ago

Jeep Australia just broke all records for the most recalls in Australia. So far this year, 14 recalls for 17 models
Depending on which model you own, it could catch fire, roll away after being put in ‘park’ or airbags fail to deploy

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper