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Trident claims Iceni diesel sportscar has 3200km range

Trident Sportscars reveals its Iceni diesel sportscar, calling it the fastest and most fuel-efficient vehicle of its kind on the planet.

LAUNCHED ALONGSIDE TWO OTHER MODELS, the Magna fastback and the Ventura estate, the Iceni is now on-sale in limited numbers with prices, for each of the three models, starting at an identical £96,000.

All models are powered by a 6.6-litre V8 turbo-diesel engine (tuned to run on bio-diesel, or even paraffin and kerosene), which in standard form produces 295kW and almost 950Nm of torque (at 110km/h the engine is spinning at just 980rpm). According to Trident, the Iceni will hit 96km/h in under four seconds.

But what’s truly staggering about the Trident Iceni is the brand’s claim that it’ll travel more than 3000km (3200km) on a single tank of bio-diesel (averaging 4.1L/100km). That’s the equivalent distance of travelling from Sydney to Adelaide (return) and then almost back to Wagga.

Trident iceni magna

The Trident Iceni runs a six-speed automatic transmission, gets leather trimmed sports seats, a touchscreen with sat-nav and a number of other options via the four upgrade specs (Track, Premium, Performance and Luxury).

According to Trident, its entire range will be available to buyers from all around the world (including Australia) but getting such a vehicle registered in Australia could be a headache.

The Trident name has been around since 1966, producing sports cars into the 1970s. Its current owner purchased the brand in 2005 and showed its first prototype in 2005, before unveiling the current look back in 2012.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober