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Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 interior teased ahead of unveil

Ioniq 5 will use recycled materials and push the limits of practicality thanks to an all-new platform.

Ahead of its February 23 launch, teaser images of the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai Motor Group have begun surfacing. The latest shows us a glimpse of the interior.

A sub-brand under Hyundai like Genesis, the Ioniq stable will be compromised of only electric vehicles (BEVs). The 5 is the debut model, a compact crossover.

Underpinning the 5 is Hyundai’s new E-GMP platform – also to be used by Kia in its upcoming EVs – which has been specially designed for efficient, high tech electric cars. The platform specifically allows for a completely flat floor due to battery packaging, and this means the interior can be designed for a ‘walk-through’ area, getting out on any side that’s convenient.

Shown in this teaser is a single image of the front cabin, with a long fully digital display spanning most of the dash, and simple but elegant trims and elements on the seat and console. As an EV, enviro-friendly credentials join its list of benefits, with sustainable materials used such as eco-processed leather, bio paints, recycled trims and sugar cane and recycled plastic fibres.

“Beginning with Ioniq 5, our dedicated BEV line-up brand will redefine the relationship between people and their cars, establishing a new standard against which all BEV design experiences will be measured,” said Hyundai head of design, SangYup Lee.

Hyundai has said that Kia’s similar electric SUV will have a range of around 480km, as well as sub-20-minute recharge times, which we’d expect to be mirrored with the Ioniq 5. 

Hyundai Australia has not confirmed when the Ioniq 5 will launch here though the new model’s officially unveiled is scheduled for February 23.

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Rye an
Rye an
2 years ago

If you are an ICE vehicle dealership you need to transfer to the BEVs or you will go out of business.

Jack hart
2 years ago

Yer yer yer we hear about all these cars but NEVER get them in Aussie , well Perth WA ,
when are we going to get the same selection as the rest of the bloody world , in the $40,$50,000 price bracket ????
on utube you see all these electric cars but nothing here in Perth WA
England has a choice of about ten , were,s our choice !!!!!

Alex Rae

Alex Rae