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How to turn the new Suzuki Jimny into a Ford Bronco

The Suzuki Jimny is capable of doing a lot of things, including dressing up as a vintage Ford Bronco.

AS IT IS, the Suzuki Jimny already has a cult following. So why muck around with the new model’s popular old school look?

Japanese aftermarket specialists Dream Automotive Design and Development (DAMD) have released teaser images of its upcoming vintage ‘Little B’ Ford Bronco bodykit which adapts to the modern-day Suzuki Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny Bronco kit ladder

DAMD has prior form in designing and delivering its concepts as an off the shelf bodykit you can buy, such as the already existing Little G and Little D kits that emulate miniaturised versions of the classic Mercedes-benz G Wagen and Land Rover Defender respectively. So you can expect to be able to buy this Bronco kit later this year.

All you will need is one Suzuki Jimny and some patience.

Suzuki Jimny Defender kit
Suzuki Jimny ‘Little D’ Defender kit

The Little B Dronco mocked up here is finished in baby blue paint, likely a nod to the original Ford Bronco’s Carribean Turquoise paint. We think it’d look pretty solid in the original Bronco’s Springtime Yellow too.

Changes upfront are a new grille and headlight designed to mimic the original Ford four-wheel drive and a white canopy with attached rear ladder. White bumpers run at the rear and front and a white pinstripe cuts down the sides. Underneath everything are white steel rims.

No pricing has been confirmed though the existing Little G and D kits cost from about $5000 USD. And as Ford’s upcoming rival model of the Bronco won’t be available in Australia, this could be the closest thing you’ll get to one.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae