The Honda Mean Mower V2 has set a new Guinness World Record and become the fastest accelerating lawn mower (prototype) on the planet.

The Honda Mower V2 has set a new Guinness World Record and become the fastest-accelerating lawn mower (prototype) on the planet, hitting 100mph (160km/h) in just 6.6 seconds. To be eligible for the record, Mean Mower V2 still had to be able to cut grass, which it can…very quickly. After its record-setting acceleration run, Mean Mower V2 set a top-speed of 150.99mph (240km/h) – achieving the team’s top-speed target.

Honda Mean Mower V2 sets acceleration record

The test was conducted at Dekra Lausitrzring, near Dresden in Germany driven by stunt driver, car and kart racer, Jess Hawkins. To build on the record-setting success of Mean Mower, Honda kept Team Dynamics Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner involved (it was the team behind the original Mean Mower).

The aim was to develop Mean Mower V2 and make it capable of hitting 240km/h and to that Honda borrowed the engine from a CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle as well as the clutch, ECU, six-speed transmission and full-colour LCD display. “The programmable quick shift gear system promises precise and responsive shift through carbon paddles on the steering wheel – with the team estimating that this new machine could reach 90mph (144km/h) in first gear,” Honda said. Braking is covered off by Kelgate – four-piston callipers to the front and six to the rear – vented to increase airflow and reduce weight. Goldspeed ten-inch ATV wheels anodised in gold match that of the Fireblade, with special-order Hoosier racing tyres giving the grip.


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