Holden will still offer a sports sedan with the Insignia VXR, even if it’s not a v8.

The Insignia is an all-wheel-drive 2.8L sedan with a 239kW turbocharged engine good for 435Nm of torque via a six-speed automatic transmission.  It is a European design, joining Astra and Cascada in Australia as part of Holden’s strategy to deliver new models from overseas markets.  Holden say there will be a total of 24 new models launched in Australia over the next five years, a third of which will be from Europe.

The Insignia also gets two eight-inch displays – great to have two for usability.  The image below shows only one, so perhaps the other one is the driver’s instrument panel.

The vehicle also offers Adaptive Forward Lighting, Side Blind Spot Alert and FlexRide Suspension which can be varied from comfort to sport, and is also adaptable to the conditions.   There’s also Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Alert and Auto Emergency Braking.

Recommended retail price of the Holden Insignia VXR will be is $51,990 plus onroads.

The relatively small engine, lack of a history and all wheel drive is not going to inflame the passion of traditional Commodore petrolheads, but that doesn’t mean the car won’t find buyers who want a bit of urge and all-paw security.  

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