Ford’s much-awaited Ranger update has been teased a bit further with this selection of photos. Here are photos of the 2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak!

UPDATED 12/06/2015 : Look what turned up on Facebook recently. An eagle-eyed Practical Motoring reader spotted the pics and shared them with us. The photos show the 2015 Ford Ranger being tested off-road in the Outback. We’re pretty sure the Outback Red will become a popular colour.

THE INTERIOR basically the same in layout as the current PX, but with enough refinements to create a more refined and premium impression.  We’ve got more details on the new Ranger here, but in short there’s a new version of the engine (same power/torque, more efficient), and lots of electronic safey aids such as AEB and active cruise control.  The Wildtrak will remain the range-topper.  We have more Ranger photos over here.

A nice looking ute. Those running boards are going to be off the vehicle before the thing goes offroad! Pity the antenna for the radio is so big, gets in the way of roofracks.
You’d almost think it was a passenger car!

  Ranger2015-3 Ranger2015-1

 And here’s an PX XLT to compare:




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