Continental claims its new 30kW electric motor is capable of regenerating twice as much electricity as competitor products and is perfect for 48-volt mild-hybrid applications.

At the recent 40th Vienna Motor Symposium, Continental showed off its new 30kW electric motor which it claims is more efficient than competitor products and perfectly suited to 48-volt mild-hybrid applications.

According to Continental, its electric motor offers a peak output of 30kW (currently most electric motor generators produce around 12kW) and can be used to either support the combustion engine or be used to drive the vehicle in an urban environment. But it’s the engine’s ability to recuperate energy that Continental says is the headline grabber, claiming its performance is twice that of similar electric motors. Continental also says the compact electric motor delivers an efficiency of more than 90%.

“We anticipate many 48-volt applications in the near future and are confident that this 48-volt high-power electrification will enable us to use more CO2-saving functions in hybrids that currently require far more elaborate and cost-intensive high-voltage hybridisation,” said Stefan Rebhan, head of Powertrain Technology & Innovation.

“In the long term we anticipate a powertrain mix of hybrid drives, all-electric drives and fuel-cell drives – and in all of these solutions there are great opportunities to help protect the climate.”


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