Yet another EV SUV concept has been unveiled, this time a ride height changing Chevrolet with advanced interior technology.

GM’S CHEVROLET FNR-X CONCEPT has made its premiere at the Shanghai motor show, two years since the company unveiled its radical 2015 Chevrolet FNR concept.

The FNR-X concept is far more tame than the 2015 idea and it apparently is an “all-purpose sports concept vehicle” – effectively a crossover vehicle.

Like most SUVs unveiled at Shanghai, this one also features a plug-in electric drivetrain of sorts, but no details beyond that have been provided.

The concept is the product of GM’s joint venture with the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. It’s not known whether the FNR-X will go into production anytime soon and Alan Batey, GM executive vice president only provided a generic statement about the car: “The Chevrolet-FNR (sic) is one of Chevrolet’s most forward-thinking concept cars, truly exemplifying the brand’s passion for innovation and ingenuity,” he said.

The design takes some inspiration from the Camaro ZL1, especially upfront, and features a high waistline and raked rear for a sporty look – not too dissimilar to the Toyota CH-R.

Key features include adaptive suspension, which lowers ride height in sport mode, and can increase ground clearance in versatility mode. Upfront is an active grille design and dynamic digital LEDs headlights, and the wheels also feature active aerodynamics to reduce the drag coefficient.

The side mirrors have been replaced by cameras and the doors are rear-hinged to provide a wide aperture that can be operated remotely.

Inside, the “high-tech fabric” hexagonal pattern seats are lit by changing ambient lighting and the pillarless greenhouse design provides for an expansive view without obstruction. A large OLED infotainment display and instrument cluster provides information and settings. The cool tech is a futuristic looking HUD with 270-degree projection which provides augmented reality readouts. All of the settings can be tailored to each person and for convenience, sensors automatically detect who is driving and adapt the car’s setup for you.

Keeping up with the other concepts on show at Shanghai, the FNR-X also has advanced autonomous driving technology – although no details on its level of autonomy have been released.


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