If Volkswagen used defeat devices to pass emissions tests, maybe others did too? or maybe not, as car makers start to deny using special systems…

BMW IS ONE of the first automakers to categorically deny any use of special systems to pass emissions testing. This comes after a German automotive publication hinted that a ‘defeat device’ had been found on one of its vehicles:

“Two studies carried out by the ICCT (International Council on Clean Transportation) have confirmed that the BMW X5 and 13 other BMW vehicles tested comply with the legal requirements concerning NOx emissions. No discrepancies were found in the X5 between laboratory-test and field-test NOx emissions.

“In other words, our exhaust treatment systems are active whether rolling on the test bench or driving on the road.”

It is also notable that the original test which uncovered VW’s special modes also tested an X5, which was found to work exactly the same whether on a testbench or not.

And today we have this from Jaguar/Land Rover (JLR): “Jaguar Land Rover does not use any emissions ‘defeat’ devices or software”.

As the scandal builds, and carmakers issue confirmation that they do not in fact use special modes, the pressure will be on the ones remaining silent to also confirm the have no ‘defeat devices’ or similar systems. 

It is also interesting to note the language used. BMW make a result-focused statement, not saying they don’t use special modes, just that they pass tests and the results are the same real-world or not. JLR are more direct, stating they simply don’t do it.

It will also be interesting to see if any automakers decide to come clean (sorry) and admit to using defeat devices before they are publicly outed, as we do know there are independent tests under way. 

We’ll keep you posted.


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