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Carlos Ghosn details secret mission to flee Japan

Ex-Nissan and Renault boss Carlos Ghosn explains how he hid in a music speaker case to escape charges in Japan.

Carlos Ghosn continues to claim innocence against charges brought against him by former Nissan executives and has now detailed exactly how he fled Japan.

“There’s a good phrase in English that says, ‘When you’re living in hell, keep walking.’ I was living in hell,” he said in an exclusive interview with the The Sunday Times. 

“There was endless interrogation in jail, without lawyers. They said if I did not confess they’d target my family. I was not allowed to see [his wife] Carole or my children. I would have faced a trial that would have lasted at least five years, with everyone reminding me that the Japanese prosecutors had a 99.4 per cent conviction rate. I had to walk — not to escape justice but to escape injustice.”

Ghosn goes on to explain that he was smuggled onto a private plane and hid inside a music speaker case. The 66-year-old now resides in Beirut, and seems to have effectively escaped house arrest in Japan where he faced financial misconduct charges.

In response to the interview, Nissan tolf The Sunday Times in a statement that it “carried out a robust and thorough internal investigation that included external lawyers” that had uncovered “substantial and convincing evidence” that Ghosn had “intentionally committed serious misconduct”.

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