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Autoglym releases three-step Polar Series for pressure wash car cleaning

Autoglym has released its three-step ‘wash and protect’ Polar Series which is designed to be used with pressure washers.

Building on the releases last year (2018) of its pre-wash treatment for use with pressure washers, Autoglym has fleshed out the range with two more products: a wash and “final protective coating”.

“The three products are all applied with a pressure washer for a near-touchless experience, a perfect finish and with as little time spent as possible,” Autoglym said in a statement.

Autoglym’s Polar Series is applied through a pressure washer and includes: Polar Blast: a rich, thick blanket of pre-cleaning foam, available in a 2.5-litre bottle, with a recommended retail price of $47.99; Polar Wash: a powerful, safe, luxury wash, available in a 2.5-litre bottle: RRP $35.99; and Polar Seal: a super-hydrophobic, protective high-gloss coating, available in a 1-litre bottle; RRP $46.99.

How does it work? You apply the Polar Blast first and then let the foam blanket sit for 10 minutes while it softens the muck on your vehicle. You then rinse off the foam and connect your pressure washer to the Polar Wash bottle, once applied with the pressure washer you can use a sponge to agitate the cleaner on the surface of the vehicle if needed. According to Autoglym you can leave it as a two-step process or move to the Polar Seal…

“Polar Seal coats the vehicle with milky beads that form a hydrophobic [literally fear of water – ed] layer on any surface it contacts [meaning it’s designed to force the water from the surface – ed].  As it’s rinsed, the tight-beading water runs off the vehicle so quickly, there is barely anything left to dry and you are left with a perfect, high-gloss, streak-free finish. The protective sealants in Polar Seal maintain their integrity for at least a month before recoating is necessary,” according to Autoglym.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober