The Australian pricing and specification for the Honda NSX have been revealed with the NSX listing from $420,000+ORC. Ouch.

THE HONDA NSX has finally made its way to Australia wand while the old NSX was champagne motoring on a beer budget, the new car is definitely priced, at least locally, at the upper end of the scale. But Honda is confident that the car that brings “Hypercar technology to the Supercar segment” is worth the money.

“We’ve seen the renewed positive interest in Honda from the Australian public with the arrival of the HR-V and just-launched Civic,” said Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins. “The arrival of the Honda NSX is an important signal to our Australian customers that Honda is truly a technology and engineering company that can deliver not only efficient, well packaged small cars, people movers and SUVs, but also a high-performance hybrid supercar.”

“As a hybrid technological tour-de-force, the all-wheel drive Honda NSX challenges perceptions about what constitutes a supercar, just as the original did,” he said. “With an extraordinary breadth of ability, the Honda NSX offers scintillating track performance, along with unsurpassed everyday usability.”

Because of its limited availability globally, the Honda NSX will remain a relatively rare car on Australia roads and in the US there’s already a two-year waiting list. Locally, Collins said, deposits had already been placed for the car with many of those putting down money never having seen or driven the new NSX.

“It will be exclusive; so those customers who value such exclusivity will really appreciate the Honda NSX. It will be the must-have supercar in Australia among those owners who appreciate finely crafted automobiles,” he said.

The Honda NSX arrives packed with luxury features and performance technology as standard, where many of its competitors must have high-cost options added to match it, Mr Collins said.

“It’s arriving fully-equipped, for example we’ve made the carbon fibre exterior and interior packages standard, along with carbon-ceramic brakes. It’s a highly competitive supercar package,” he said.

Only five dealerships around the country will offer the NSX:

  • Yarra Honda (VIC);
  • Scotts Honda (NSW);
  • Austral Honda (QLD);
  • Nordic Honda (SA); and
  • Burswood Honda (WA).

The Honda NSX lists from $420,000+ORC and “comes standard with almost all the options boxes ticked,” Honda said. The NSX will be available in eight colours and there will be four trim options. Metallic paint adds $1500 to the price which, given the price of the car to begin with seems a little steep. But, if you really want to push the boat out, you could spend an extra $10,000 on the Valencia Red Pearl colour.


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  1. Here is yet another stupid car that an idiot will buy to beetle around in the suburbs at 30km/h if he’s lucky.

    Two uncomfortable seats in a cramped cockpit.
    Harsh suspension that transmits every bump to the driver’s spine.
    Speed and acceleration that are useless when the blanket speed limit is 110/km/h.
    Cost of close to half a million dollars for what?
    Insurance will be prohibitive.
    Servicing will be outrageous.

    I live in an affluent area where Porsche 911s are a dime a dozen. There are Ferraris seen on the roads most days, along with an occasional Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Even a couple of McLarens. And what do I see them doing? Crawling along in the traffic like the cheapest Hyundai Excel.

    These “Supercars” are “Stupidcars”. There are only two cars in this category that make sense to me – the Maserati Quattroporte and the Tesla S. Both are comfortable cars that have more than enough performance for our roads. Both have room for four adults and a boot that is adequate.

    If these so-called supercars were owned in Europe where there are autobahns and autostradas, I could understand it. But I don’t understand why anybody would buy such vehicles in an environment where they cannot be driven at their potential.
    The only reason that I can see why a guy would buy a “supercar” that is essentially useless apart from its looks, is to make up for his lack of adequacy in the penis department. What other reason could there be?

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