Atlanta Motors to reveal its first new model in 75 years at this weekend’s Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace, UK (5-7 September).

THE LAST TIME Atlanta launched a new car was in 1939, just moments before the kick-off of World War II. Atlanta only built 21 cars before closing its doors, only opening them again in 2012 when the company was purchased by motoring enthusiast and now managing director Martyn Corfield.

Original Atlanta Motors sports tourer

While details are very thin on the ground, Atlanta Motors said in a statement, “90% of the component parts are designed and engineered directly by Atalanta, including castings, forgings and fabrications. Furthermore, it is a traditionally hand-crafted aluminium-over-ash coach-built structure”.

“Staying true to the original Atalanta design principles, we have enhanced the positive and enjoyable characteristics of vintage motoring in a style that is relevant and exciting today, said Martyn Corfield, managing director of Atalanta Motors.

“As in the 1930’s, Atalanta Motors provides the opportunity to commission an individual driving machine to exacting requirements. The new sports car readily offers an exhilarating drive with assured handling and a supremely comfortable ride.”

Rory Watson, son of Neil Watson, (Atalanta’s original founder), said: “I never thought that something my father helped create all those years ago could be revived. I know he would be so very proud of what Martyn Corfield and his team has achieved at the new Atalanta Motors.”

While also being able to get up close and personal with Chassis 1, visitors to the Concours of Elegance this weekend will also be able to see an original 1937 Atalanta.



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