All 2015 Mitsubishi Pajeros are MC categorised, but some have MA plates and it turns out its a clerical error only.

WE HAVE COVERED the MA/MC issue in depth; briefly, Ford, Jeep and HAVAL decided to place their vehicles in the MA passenger car category rather than the MC offroad passenger car category. HAVAL and then Ford announced that they would change their 4X4s to MC, and offer owners a letter stating that their cars were recognised by the authorities as such.

The latest twist in the tale is with MY (model year) 2015 Pajeros. Some owners read our stories, and checked their vehicles only to find they were MA categorised. A forum post followed, and several more owners came forwards and sent their plates, complete with VIN, to Practical Motoring. Here’s an example:


We did a bit of investigation and found it was quite a different situation to the Jeep/Ford/HAVAL issue. Those three companies specifically requested MA, and then under owner pressure, HAVAL and Ford changed tack. Jeep are yet to respond. In contrast, Mitsubishi requested MC, as this document shows:


Note the approval number ‘36456’ – this is the same approval number as per the letter example above.

When we discovered this anomaly we asked Mitsubishi about it, and a spokesman told us:

“Mitsubishi Pajeros are and always were MC approved, off-road Passenger Car vehicles. MMAL had no intention to classify or certify them as MA vehicles and the small number of Pajeros affected had an MA Identification Plate fitted in error. The Mitsubishi Pajeros affected by this Identification Plate error are fully compliant with the regulations. Owners of affected vehicles can arrange to have the plate replaced by contacting their local Mitsubishi dealer.” 

So it’s a simple case of a clerical error and Mitsubishi can arrange for replacement, correct plates to be fitted if owners require. Off-roading Pajero owners have nothing to worry about and can get back to exploring Australia by 4WD.

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