Caterham Cars Australia has announced the 2017 Caterham range, consisting of three variants, will see prices fall by up to $13k on some models.

THE 2017 CATERHAM RANGE has copped a price drop of between $4000 and $13,400 depending on the model variant. This, says Caterham Cars Australia, brings the pricing back to 1990s levels.

The 2017 Caterham range has been refreshed too with seven variants now discontinued, leaving just three model lines: Seven 275, Seven 355 and Seven 485.

“The recent Brexit vote and resultant devaluation of the UK Pound has enabled a significant pricing realignment for the new model range.  As a result the 2017 Caterham range now offers substantially improved value for money,” Caterham Cars Australia said.

Caterham cars are aimed at enthusiast drivers and combine lightweight (a kerb weight of just 700kg) and no electronic driver assistance aids, making them ‘mechanical’ cars. “With its sophisticated racing car inspired suspension, the light weight design provides handling agility that eludes heavier cars. The result is a unique and very rewarding driving experience for both amateur enthusiast and skilled drivers,” Caterham Cars Australia said.

2017 Caterham range price update

  • Seven 275: $64,000+ORC – $5850 (price drop)
  • Seven 275 S: $69,900+ORC – $13,400 (price drop)
  • Seven 355: $76,600+ORC – $10,300 (price drop)
  • Seven 355 R: $94,800+ORC – $4000 (price drop)
  • Seven 485 S: $103,700+ORC – $10,700 (price drop)
  • Seven 485 R: $114,900+ORC – $12,100 (price drop)

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