Fiat has released another funky new little car, the 500X.

Italians are known for cool, small cars and now we have the Australian details on the latest from Fiat, the 500X.  That would be a small SUV available in two and four wheel drive, based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade.


The 500X range is Pop, Pop Star, Lounge and Cross Plus.  The 500X is 4.25 metres long, 1.8 metres wide and 1.61 metres high, and shares a common platform with Jeep’s Renegade, but the 500X pricing starts and finishes a little lower.  Here’s the specs and pricing for 2016 in Australia:

TrimSpecsPrice (excl onroads)Key specs and differences to lower model
Pop1.4L 103kW FWD 6-speed manual$28,00016″ rims, rear-view camera, uConnect 5″ infotainment, Bluetooth
1.4L 103kW FWD 6-speed auto$30,000
Pop Star1.4L 103kW FWD 6-speed auto$33,00017″ rims, auto headlights, blind spot monitoring/rear cross path detection, Mood Selector, Keyless, 6.5″ uConnect, satnav
Lounge1.4L 125kW AWD 9-speed auto$38,00018″ rims, 3.5″ central TFT driver’s dash display, BeatsAudio, tinted rear windows, AEB, lane departure assist, preimum interior trim
Cross Plus1.4L 125kW AWD 9-speed auto$39,00018″ rims, roofracks, HID headlights, various bling
The two all-wheel-drive models (AWD) will give you a bit of extra traction but if you want a serious offroad vehicle then the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is the car to buy.  Fiat say “with rugged styling, the Fiat 500X Cross Plus model offers customers with active lifestyles a more capable look” which doesn’t really imply it’s for actual rough terrain use.
Where most SUVs have an adaptive terrain system that sets the car up for different surfaces, that’s far too boring for Fiat so they have a Mood Selector on the Pop Start and upwards models.  This system modifies the response of the engine, steering and gearbox/transmission to select the driving style most appropriate to the situation or road surface conditions. Options are Chilled, Edgy, and NeedMoreCoffee.  Actually, no, here’s the real ones as described by Fiat:
The basic mode calibrated for everyday driving and designed to ensure optimal fuel efficiency, low emissions and driving comfort. This is achieved with a smoother engine calibration, higher servo assistance on steering and a shift point optimised for low carbon dioxide emissions.
The engine calibration converts for a sportier feel and is tuned for a faster driving response through electronic stability control and steering calibrations. With all-wheel drive, this mode optimises the transmission for
lateral dynamics.
All Weather:
Maximum safety even in low grip conditions. On the Fiat 500X Cross Plus, All Weather mode is replaced by the “Traction” function. The system converts to a specifically calibrated mode to maximise low-speed traction with low friction and off-road surfaces by providing additional wheel slip (via specifically tuned chassis controls, and a more direct engine response).
Fiat say the 500X has more than 60 safety features which is true but most of them are what you find on any car these days.  That said, there are some good active safety features such as lane departure assist and AEB, although these are not available across the range.
We enjoyed Fiat’s 500, thought it a fun car around town, and we’re presently testing a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk so with that experience in mind we have high hopes for the 500X – it promises to be a nicely distinctive vehicle in a sea of bland lookalikes.

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  1. Hey what is wrong with rest of the world ,Fiat got contrast interior colours ,looks great ,forget about black plastic it just does not suit any interior .

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