Hyundai Australia is recalling more than 5000 2013 Hyundai Veloster models because of a software issue that could potentially result in an engine fire.

Hyundai Australia is recalling 5171 2013 Hyundai Veloster models because of a software issue with the engine management unit (ECU) that could cause premature ignition (explanation below). Hyundai has warned this could lead to “the engine stalling and with the possibility of a fire”.

“If the engine suddenly stalls when the vehicle is at high speed, this can increase the risk of a crash or a fire, with risk of injury to vehicle occupants and other road users,” Hyundai said in a recall notice.

Hyundai is encouraging owners to contact their nearest Hyundai dealership to have the recall work completed free of charge.

So, what is preignition? This is when the fuel mixture in the cylinder combusts before the ‘spark event’ because of a hot spot in the cylinder which if the preignition continues can lead to engine damage. Preignition is a rare event in modern cars with electronic fuel injection but a software issue, as is the case with Hyundai, could cause damage.


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