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Setting up for off-roading with your 4×4

Weekenders – For a weekend away you need to carry a little more. Consider these:

  • Cargo system – offroading involves a lot of carrying gear, so you need some sort of storage system. This could be anything from a homemade shelf system to a custom drawer system. Consider adding a cargo barrier for wagons;
  • Roofrack – very useful for carrying bulky, light gear and even if you can fit everything inside it is handy as a photography platform, emergency storage and firewood carrier. Roofracks can also be used to fit awnings, traction ramps, spades and other gear you’d rather keep outside than in;
  • Dual battery – touring 4WDs have many electrical demands from gadgets to radios to extra lighting, and especially fridges. A second battery helps with the load. Create a separate wiring system to the factory electrics to keep things simple;
  • Window tinting – makes the vehicle a lot cooler and easier to get into when you return in the heat of the sun! and
  • Fridge – you’ll need to take food, and some say a fridge is not necessary. They are people that have never used one.


An example of a cargo system.  Everything to hand, everything protected.


A roofrack is very useful for light, bulky items. This one has several small items secured in a strong canvas roof bag.


This is a 40L fridge; you’ll use all the space you have, but bigger fridges take up more room, weigh more and draw more power.  Some people run two small fridges instead.

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper