The state of this car is disgusting, and the amount of effort required to clean it is extensive, but it is possible to make this toxic bimmer safe again.

Sightly mold inside cars is not common and what we have here is an exceptionally ruined BMW 5 Series thanks to the spread of all manner of growths and infestations. It can of course be cleaned out, but it requires a lot of time and chemical cleaning to do it correctly (and safely). Thanks to the AMMO NYC crew in the US, we have this detailed video of what to do.

While this BMW E60 is not exactly a collector’s vehicle and you may wonder why you’d spend 65 hours between three professionals cleaning out this moldy 525xi, this is a good demonstration of the effort required to properly clean an interior and the end result is for charity.

To begin with, the car looks like it was dumped and likely had some mildew inside that created a great environment for mold to take over. There were even mice nests inside.


Note: If you’re storing your car, it’s best to keep it dry (though not too hot, like out in the sun), in such places as a shed or carport so that water is kept away. That’s obviously not what this owner did.

If you do store it in a carport, however, mind that a cracked window and poor ventilation can lead to mold; the same is said for storing under a car cover.

Back to the AMMO NYC crew, it took three guys and 65 hours to pull apart the interior, clean it, and put it back together. And after all of that, it is only going to be auctioned off as parts.

The job called for proper PPE – mask, gloves, even a Hazchem suit and booties.

Mold, depending on variety and concentration, can be extremely hazardous and people react differently, from rashes to respiratory problems.

The process begins with cleaning out the rubbish and using a chlorine dioxide CL02 tablet to deodorise the air. Following this, everything is wiped over before being dismantled for a proper clean, including a whack with the high-pressure washer on stubborn stains. Incredible outcome for a four-wheeled sty.

Watch the video:


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  1. Oh, it looks really terrible and dangerous. I am surprised as soon as the owner of the car got into it and it did not cause an attack of nausea in him. I hate dirt, and this mold is even worse than just an uncleaned car interior. You have done a great job and I can’t even imagine how you did it all, and at the same time, you also managed to calmly talk about it. It seems to me that I could not even move my hand, even if it were in a glove. I’m just wondering what had to be done to get the car into such condition?

  2. I should express that I like this article so a ton and moreover using it in regular. I believe you would continue sharing better than average articles here.

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