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How modern cars save you from yourself

Modern vehicles contain a lot of computers, and they can prevent accidents.

Anton Yelchin died when he didn’t secure his car properly after he got out of it. That’s always been a mistake that anyone can make – and plenty have – but with today’s automatic transmissions it’s easier than ever. Fortunately, some carmakers have thought about the problem, as we demonstrate in this short video:
In the video we show how the Mercedes automatically shifts the transmission into park when the door is opened if the vehicle is in drive and the seatbelt not worn, and if the seatbelt is undone then the car will also engage the electric parkbrake.
While this video demonstrates a useful safety feature, it’s exactly that – a safety feature not a primary method of vehicle operation. You should always carefully secure any vehicle before leaving it, usually by shifting the transmission into park and applying the parkbrake.

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John Johny
John Johny
7 years ago

Another good way of securing the vehicle I wish someone taught me earlier is if you were to park your vehicle on an incline/decline. Once you’ve rolled to a stopped with the brakes firmly depressed shift the car to neutral and then pull the handbrake. Gently ease off the brake and once the car is being held by the handbrake only then shift into Park. This helps prevent the jerking when shifting out of park.

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Its a very good way to protect your vehicle this is a great post and i like to learn more.

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper