Forget Patrols, Prados, Pajeros and Discoverys. Open your mind to the possibilities of imports.

IRON CHEF are one of Australia’s leading car importers, and every so often on their Facebook page will appear something interesting on the 4×4 front. And there’s two somethings just posted…

Offroad Winnebago Campervan

Campervans are pretty ordinary offroad vehicles. They’re big, heavy, two wheel drive, underpowered and lack clearance. But all that’s been fixed for this campervan, starting with a factory-direct crate LS 5.7L V8 engine, Dana axles front and rear with cross-axle differential locks and decent offroad tyres. Iron Chef say the interior has been completely reconditioned, conversion from LHD to RHD should be fine and it can be yours for $25kUSD plus import costs. And as it’s a 1984 car you could even register it as a LHD vehicle. So forget that staid LC200 with Tvan, this is what you need in your life!


Yes, that’s a 300E body. On top of something with portal axles so we guess that’s a Unimog chassis and running gear, so this too would have twin cross-axle lockers plus a killer low range. Complete with exoskeleton rollcage too. Iron Chef say it was on sale for 5000 Euros which is about $7600 of our dollars. Why bother building that old GQ when this can be yours?

Mercedes 230GE Gelandewagen

This can be yours for around $15-$20,000AUD landed, say Iron Chef. It’s a G-Wagen, petrol automatic, all wheel drive and twin-locked. Short wheel base too, a rare thing in Australia. Much, much cheaper than a new one, and it still looks the same!

Read more at Iron Chef’s Facebook page or visit them on the web ->


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