Want a petrol 4×4? There’s still a few left.

UPDATE 21/09/17 – Toyota revise Hilux and drop petrols.

HERE IS A LIST of all the petrol 4×4 wagons and utes with low range you can buy new. Why would you choose petrol over diesel?

  • Less complexity – no DPF, no AdBlue, no common rail injection, usually no turbo or intercooler either.
  • Lower purchase price – petrols are almost always cheaper than diesels
  • More engine bay space – less stuff to stuff under the bonnet
  • You like to rev – diesels never rev like petrols!

The main argument for diesel is longer range, and that diesel is a safer fuel to carry. Generally, a diesel will tow better but the modern petrols with lots of gear ratios are not far off either.

Otherwise, there’s no practical difference in offroad or onroad capability these days, assuming both engine designs are of the same age.

Regardless, for many years now petrol 4×4 sales have been tailing off, which is why the likes of Mitsubishi have gone all-diesel. However, the tide will turn and hybrids will, in time, start to make inroads. We’re not there yet though, so for the moment diesels are the top sellers. But if you want a petrol, here’s where to start:

Petrol 4×4 wagons with low range

(1) The previous Discovery range featured a petrol, the current range does not but the SVX edition has been announced for Australia and will feature a 5.0L V8.

(2) Only the AMG is a petrol.

(3) In September 2017 Toyota announced the 2017 Prado would not feature the V6 petrol.


Petrol 4×4 utes with low range

  • JMC Vigus
  • Toyota Hilux – on 20/9 Toyota announced extra Hilux models, but also dropped the petrol 4x4s as they accounted for less than 0.5% of sales (petrol Hilux review here).


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