When looking for a 4×4, I wanted something that was capable, small and cute. Enter the Suzuki Grand Vitara and follow my regular updates.

  • Update 8: Tyres, Bullbar
  • Update 7: Bushes
  • Update 6: Problem Parts
  • Update 5: The Lift
  • Update 4: Buying Vincent
  • Update 3: Finding Vincent
  • Update 2: Why the Grand Vitara?
  • Update 1: this page

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  1. The 3.2L has been excellent. I’ve replaced the coilpacks due to an intermittant misfire on a couple of cylinders, but that’s all engine wise. They’re the most trouble-free of all the engines in Grand Vitaras. The 2.7Ls often leak oil and are notorious for the expensive manifold-cats dying.

  2. any updates? I’m looking for a GV but decided to go with a 2012+ 2.4L for more economy. I have a few plans for it but dont reckon ill go with a bullbar

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