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I’ve read some of your articles recently & like your insight.

I’ve just sold my GU Patrol & bought a 2017 Kia Sportage.  So, I’m curious, if you’re trying for a 0-100 best time would you attempt a ‘launch control’ type approach? Turn the 4WD lock ‘on’ to drive all 4 wheels off the line, which would automatically disengage as you passed 40kph? I’m not recommending this as a normal onroad practice, just interested if theoretically  it’s plausible?

I also tried asking you elsewhere if Oziexplorer could run with android auto? Would be nice not to have to lug the laptop around.

Regards,   K


I have tested a Kia Sorento which is similar, but did not spend a lot of time attempting a 0-100km/h sprint. However, the Kia doesn’t have vast amounts of power and it will bias torque to the rear so off-the-line wheelspin should be minimal, although as you suggest the lock function would help a little.

I would suggest holding the brake on with your left foot, bringing the revs up as far as you can, then releasing the brake and experiencing that surge of Kia power.

As for Oziexplorer, it will run on Android devices very well but not with Android Auto. Each app needs to be specially designed for Android Auto.

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