An offroader’s review of the TRAXXAS TRX4 model scale radio control rock crawler

What it costs

The RRP for the TRX4 is AU$749. I paid my money and rushed out the door with the truck, and then discovered it does not come with a battery or charger.  Remember, I’m a 4×4 guy not a RC expert. In fairness the lack of a charger is written on the box, and RC people would know this, but I did not. So back to the shop to pick up a couple of batteries and a charger.

Charging is not simple either, you need to set the charger carefully and don’t leave it alone when the battery charges. The guy at the shop said “read the manual” for help, but frankly the manual was pretty useless. Much more helpful were some of the many videos on YouTube that explain how to charge LiPo batteries.

If you buy a TRX4 as a gift – and, frankly, if someone you love drives a modified 4X4 the TRX4 is like a Leatherman, you CANNOT go wrong with a one as a gift – it would be good to charge the battery first so the giftee can instantly enjoy their new toy.

So all up, your investment in the vehicle is likely to be around $850 to $1000 depending on how many and what sort of batteries you buy. And you need 4 x AA batteries for the controller. Both batteries and charger can be used for other RC models.

Options and Accessories
Only a light kit at this point, and one body which comes in red or grey. I wanted red as it looks better in photos, but grey was available so instant gratification overruled cosmetic beauty. I now need to figure out how to paint the body G4 Orange. That would be cool.

The video below shows the TRX4 loading itself onto a LC79 with the aid of two MAXTRAX:

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David Sevenz
David Sevenz
3 years ago

Great review! I went out and bought one today and was looking to make sure I made a good investment. But you’re right….shutup and take my money! 🙂

3 years ago

Awesome write up and visuals! Really pleasant to see car journo doing a RC review. Now I need one, very badly 😉

Sheldon Hildebrand
2 years ago

I have the TRX4 and have wished for a selectable on the fly 2wd/4wd also. Get the traction hobby Cragsman C, It fulfills almost all your trx4 wishes, it did for me.

2 months ago

check out my YouTube, countrydude03, has my modified trx4 bronco on there

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper