An offroader’s review of the TRAXXAS TRX4 model scale radio control rock crawler

Use as a training tool

The TRX4 is also a brilliant training device for offroad driver trainers, and that’s why it’s on my tax return. You can show students the components of a vehicle such as axles, differential housings, trailing arms and shafts. The suspension is good – miniature coils and dampers, and it’s adjustable.

The best part is that you can really show differentials work, and the effect of lockers. For example, get it cross-axled with diagonal wheels spinning, and then engage lockers to move forwards. Show the difference in turning circle with and without lockers, and the difference in lines across an obstacle. And you can show what approach, departure and ramp angles are in the classroom.

Image credit – TRAXXAS.com

Many driver trainers have a model car handy during their theory sessions, and now you can have one that actually works like a real 4X4. I understand that many rock crawlers are permanently cross-locked, negating their value as training devices.

There’s also high and low range, handy for higher-speed work. And also for training to show how effective crawler gears are.

Image credit. TRAXXAS.com

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David Sevenz
David Sevenz
3 years ago

Great review! I went out and bought one today and was looking to make sure I made a good investment. But you’re right….shutup and take my money! 🙂

3 years ago

Awesome write up and visuals! Really pleasant to see car journo doing a RC review. Now I need one, very badly 😉

Sheldon Hildebrand
2 years ago

I have the TRX4 and have wished for a selectable on the fly 2wd/4wd also. Get the traction hobby Cragsman C, It fulfills almost all your trx4 wishes, it did for me.

2 months ago

check out my YouTube, countrydude03, has my modified trx4 bronco on there

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper