Suzuki’s pint-sized 4×4 will grow longer, add more power and be a more comfortable proposition for transporting the family.

Suzuki’s popular Jimny is set to grow bigger and add two doors as a more rounded four-wheel drive with extra space and passenger room.

Confirmed already with spy shots that have spilled out on the internet, we know a five-door Jimny is in the works. But now, Japanese outlet Mota says it has some more concrete details on what to expect.

Apparently due to be revealed this year in October at the Tokyo show, that show’s cancellation and delays due to factory shutdowns mean the Jimny five-door, or ‘Jimny Long’ as it is called, will make its grand reveal early next year before an on sale. On that note, Suzuki Australia is yet to confirm the model or its availability here, though it has said it is keen on any Jimny variants it can get – like the commercial version available overseas – given the 12-month waiting list already for the short-wheelbase three-door version.

The five-door will bring a 300mm wheelbase extension to around 2550mm total and the engine will be upgraded from the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder to a turbocharged version of the same donk, due to the added weight both from the extra metal and regular backseat passengers. It is unknown if that turbo engine might also then feature in the three-door, which would bring some nice additional herbs. A mild hybrid is also speculated, and that might make sense given Suzuki has been releasing hybrid models overseas.

News of a five-door Jimny is big given that the little fourby has only ever been available with two doors up front. However, with popularity growing and both competing and near-rivals like the Jeep Wrangler and Mahiindra Thar offering both three and five-door versions, it is not a surprise to see.

Mota goes on to speculate a sub $35,000 price in Yen, but given that Suzuki Australia has been jacking the price of the local Jimny to nearly $30k with a manual transmission, we won’t hold our breath on that one.


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  1. Why try to make it more like everything else? The reason it is so popular is because of its simplicity and low weight, witch is why it performs so well. Instead of bringing out a new one, Suzuki should produce more of the current one to meet demand and stoping dealers exploiting the high demand by jacking up prices.

  2. They should make a 1.9L tdi duel cab ute version as well, if they are going to make a 5 door wagon they might as well chop the back off and give us a compact 4×4 ute… great for kayaks, bikes, firewood, or just taking the dogs to the river, modern design compact 4door ute, coil sprung solid Axel’s front and rear would make for a tuff off roader without compromising they’re iconic city size

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