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GWM Ute upgraded, two new cut-price models coming

Refreshed brand GWM is bringing improvements and even cheaper variants to its lineup.

GWM is rolling out upgrades to its Ute dual-cab utility models and introducing two new variants for even sharper pricing.

The upgrades improve throttle response and suspension tuning and are fast, sweeping changes made by the Chinese brand following feedback on the introduction of its Ute late last year.

The upgrade comes via tuning to the computer program and will see all July production vehicles upgraded with the improvement. For customers who bought prior to July 2021, their Utes can be upgraded via a firmware flash, for free, at GWM dealers.

The improvement to throttle mapping increases standing start take-off and response early in the rev range – our full first-drive review of the updated model will be available next week.

A minor suspension upgrade also comes with the July update and changes the sweet spot of the ride and handling to when the ute is loaded at 50 per cent payload capacity.

Added to the lineup are also two new dual-cab variants, a new 4×2 automatic and 4×4 manual which will arrive in Q3 this year. Pricing and specification are yet to be announced but we expect that the new base models will make a sharp cut on the current entry price of $34,490 driveaway for the Ute Cannon.

The drivetrain will continue with the same 2.4-litre four-cylinder diesel turbo producing 120kW and 400Nm via an eight-speed automatic transmission to a 4×4 driveline except in the new six-speed manual and 4×2 debutants.

The relatively quick changes to the Ute which have come within 12 months of launch are part of the group’s approach to decreasing the time between model upgrades, called ‘Fast Iterative Development Approach’ (FIDA).

Unlike the usual 12-18 month cycle from launch to facelift/upgrade, GWM/Haval says that it is taking on media and customer feedback instantly and developing incremental upgrades that can be rolled out months later. With most upgrades coming via likely firmware and CPU changes, it also means that existing customers can go into a dealer to have the upgrades flashed onto the computer’s software.

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2 years ago

When you test drive, please be aware that all previous test drives have been on the L model missing key features of the popular X model. Also previous test drives have missed key features such as Cross Country Expert Mode (4H) activated by holding down the traction control button. The dealers don’t know most of the features of these utes and they are selling themselves, hence Facebook pages are sources of all the good information.

Alex Rae

Alex Rae