young man experiencing road rage in his car
18 Jul 2017

Young Australian male drivers are the angriest behind the wheel

Young male drivers (22-39) are the most aggressive on Australian roads, admitting to chasing another driver while angry at least once, according to a new study.

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young aussie drivers admit to speeding
09 Oct 2014

Young Australian drivers admit to speeding…

Forty per cent of young Australian drivers admit to speeding or driving while distracted, according to new research from Ford and NRMA Motoring & Services.

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1 in 4 young drivers have taken a 'selfie' while driving
08 Aug 2014

1 in 4 young drivers take a selfie while driving

Ford of Europe research for its Driving Skills for Life programme has revealed that 1 in 4 young drivers take a ‘selfie’ while driving.

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