04 Aug 2016

14,906 Toyota 86 vehicles recalled to fix power steering fault (Update: BRZ too)

Toyota Australia has announced a recall of 14,906 Toyota 86 vehicles to fix a potential issue with loss of power steering.

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11 Jan 2016

Toyota 86 review long-term – update 7 – track test

The Toyota 86 is one of the few cars designed for motorsports as opposed to just look the part. Three years on, we have a verdict.

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Toyota 86 spied again
31 Dec 2015

2017 Toyota 86 spied again… (Subaru BRZ, too, sort of)

The refreshed 2017 Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) has been spied again, this though it’s been caught on film testing at the Nurburgring in Germany.

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17 Oct 2015

What we might see in the new Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

The Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ is a little over three years old now, so it’s time to think about what might come next…

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toyota 86 damage
17 Oct 2014

Toyota 86 review long-term – update 3

Tragedy – the 86 has been damaged, twice. Once my fault, and once my wife’s. Except mine was forgivable, of course…

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Toyota 86 14R60
07 Oct 2014

Limited-edition Toyota 86 14R60 revealed

Toyota has released the limited-edition Toyota 86 14R60 for the Japan market only. So, you can look, but you can’t have…

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12 Sep 2014

For fun : Subaru WRX vs Toyota 86

Robert Pepper gets a bunch of mates together to see whether all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive produces the most fun… Subaru WRX Vs Toyota 86.

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Toyota 86 long-term
03 Sep 2014

Toyota 86 review long-term – update 2

My 2012 Toyota 86 has just rolled past 40,000 glorious kilometers so it’s time for a bit of an update, and that starts with the maintenance…

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Make your own paper Toyota GT86
28 Aug 2014

Make your own Toyota GT86

Bored of paper planes? Check out Toyota’s range of paper car kits – We’ve got the GT86, LandCruiser V8 and 70 Series LandCruiser for you to download.

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Long-Term Toyota 86 - Welcome
06 Aug 2014

Toyota 86 long-term review – Welcome

Our Robert Pepper has owned his Toyota 86 for more than 12 months – so he knows what he likes and doesn’t like. Read his Toyota 86 long-term review.

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Toyota updates the 86
24 Jul 2014

Toyota updates the 86

Toyota updates the 86, tweaking the suspension and adding some cosmetic enhancements and bumping up the price of the GTS variant.

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12 Sep 2013

Toyota 86 First Drive

Toyota is to be commended for the 86 GT. It offers fun, affordable motoring with looks that’ll have you going weak at the knees. Our pick would definitely be the entry-level 86 GT (manual); ignore the auto – it’s like buying a dog and then doing the barking for it, if you know what we mean.

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