18 Nov 2019

Monocoque 4X4s explained – should you be afraid?

There’s a fair bit of misconception about what monocoque construction actually is – all explained here.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 Years review
28 Jul 2016

What is a locking differential and what is in the front of the Golf GTi 40 Years Edition?

A “locking differential” is something we’re seeing more and more in the front axle of front-driven cars. But what is it, and why do we need one? Here’s the summary, or the TL;DR version – the Golf GTi 40 Years Edition has magic in the front axle that helps traction and handling.

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21 Jul 2016

Reader help: where are the technical specifications?

A reader wants to know why he can’t find the tech specs he’s looking for… Hi Can you tell me where I can find technical specifications for Toyota 4WDs.   I’m considering purchasing a Fortuner (or maybe something from another manufacturer) some time in the future but before making a

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