30 Aug 2017

Safety Dave Rear View Camera review

Rear vision cameras are essential for safety and handy for convenience. REVERSING CAMERAS aren’t really optional these days. Ask any insurance company, and they will tell you that reversing accidents are the number one cause of claims. Can you, dear reader, claim never to have hit anything in reverse? I

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29 Jun 2017

How far do airbags extend?

Most offroaders mount things inside their vehicles, but there’s airbags to worry about. MODERN VEHICLES have plenty of airbags, and when they activate – actually, more explode – then you really don’t want anything between you and the bag.  Pretty simple rule, but just how far do those airbags extend

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17 Nov 2016

Ford Driving Skills for Life launched in Australia

Young drivers are over-represented in crashes, so good driving habits need to be formed early – Ford Driving Skills for Life launched in Australia.

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Holden Colorado, Suzuki Ignis and Renault Captur recalled
18 Sep 2015

Car recalls explained

Manufacturer safety car recalls can affect hundreds of thousands of cars around the world, so, should you be concerned if your car is recalled?

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