young man experiencing road rage in his car
18 Jul 2017

Young Australian male drivers are the angriest behind the wheel

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Young male drivers (22-39) are the most aggressive on Australian roads, admitting to chasing another driver while angry at least once, according to a new study.

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Australia ranks ninth in global road rage survey
20 Feb 2017

Road Rage… Why?

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Just yesterday I watched a man metaphorically explode behind the wheel of his car… and his anger (I guess we call it road rage now) was directed at me.

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Australia ranks ninth in global road rage survey
25 Nov 2014

Australia ranks 9th in global road rage league

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Australian drivers have ranked ninth in a global survey of road rage, with more Australian drivers copping aggressive gestures than either Italian or German drivers.

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road rage
17 Oct 2013

Give me a wave, not the finger

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When I let someone in – usually some muppet who comes up fast in the left lane which merges into my lane – it would be nice if he or she could just give me a wave of thanks.

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