17 Jun 2024

Monocoque 4X4s explained – Is this a good thing or not?

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There’s a fair bit of misconception about what monocoque construction actually is – all explained here.

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21 Jul 2017

Tow Comparison – Mitsubishi Pajero vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

7 years ago 7 9

The Mitsubishi Pajero will be discontinued, so is the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport a fit replacement for towing? MITSUBISHI released the […]

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Mitsubishi Pajero enjoying the view from the top of the hill. Photo by Robert Pepper / Practical Motoring.
15 May 2017

A beginners guide to driving on sand dunes

7 years ago 0 3

Driving on different surfaces challenges both your driving skills and your ability to actively manage your motor vehicle and its […]

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